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Welcome to Beyond the Dojang!

Hi! My name is Sabrina Mistry. I’m passionate about exploring how we can use martial arts and fitness to improve our training performance and achieve greater wellness in our daily life.

At Beyond the Dojang, I share fitness education and document my thoughts as I train and interview senior practitioners.

I hope this space becomes a great resource on your martial arts journey!

Recent Posts

As the next UK black belt grading (Dan Shim Sa) is approaching, Sabrina shares her reflections about gradings in the black belt rank.

How to get better in martial arts? Reps! Or, should it be the first thing we focus on? This article explains why posture should be first.

There’s a huge difference between doing something that you enjoy and doing something because you have to do it. And that right …

In this interview, Elizabeth Mora SBN of Mexico MDK shares her experience of the Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa in Argentina 2022 (Master grading).