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Sabrina Mistry is the author of Beyond the Dojang, a martial arts hub dedicated to serving and supporting martial arts practitioners in their journey.  She publishes inspirational, motivational, and entertaining content weekly.

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In this interview Denise Mullin SBN, a 7th Dan Instructor of the USA Moo Duk Kwan, shares how she tailors martial arts for special needs students, and offers valuable advice for others interested in exploring this area.

A Fitness Decade in Review

Reviewing a decade of fitness, Sabrina shares how change has taken place for her, and how change will continue. We either go with it or get shaped by it.

Applying martial arts to train through injury

Being injured doesn't mean you have to completely stop your martial arts journey. This article shares how you could still progress to train through injury.
Having goals to strive for are great. However, goal setting does not necessarily guarantee action. Slip ups happen to many of us on our journey. In this article, I share my recent fitness slip up that led me to gain 10kg, and how I sorted myself to get back on track.

Martial arts and the fight within

In this guest post, Simon Hall, Instructor at Essex Soo Bahk Do, shares his recent experience of facing and rising from a serious heart condition. He shares how he's used his martial arts training during this worrying time, and also reflects deeper into a more rounded approach of health and fitness for life.