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A journey for better health, fitness, and martial arts

Beyond the Dojang is a ninja community dedicated to martial arts, health, and fitness, founded by Sabrina Mistry – a 2nd Dan martial artist and fitness enthusiast. 

Our ambition is to support people to embrace a holistic fitness lifestyle through the guidance of martial arts principles, so that we all can make the most of life’s opportunities.

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A variety of content, such as articles, videos, and photos.  

Thoughts and training as it happens towards a fitter and healthier life.  

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In this article, Peter Reeve, Instructor at Norfolk Soo Bahk Do, reviews the Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi. A classic for martial artists and those into personal development.


Coming up to the 14th year of Sabrina's fitness journey, she reflects about having gratitude towards our past self that shapes us today.


Having experienced many benefits by doing nearly daily planks, in this post Sabrina shares a few core workout ideas to challenge yourself!


In January, many of us set fitness goals for the year. However, few continue to December. Use goal setting this year. This post explains how.