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Your fitness coach: Sabrina Mistry

Sabrina is a certified Personal Trainer and 2nd Dan martial artist.  She merges Eastern influences to guide you to achieve holistic fitness.

Starting her own journey in 2007, where since she’s lost 4st in weight and became a black belt martial artist, Sabrina understands first hand what it takes mentally and physically to achieve our goals and to sustain our passion for a fitness lifestyle.

Recent Posts

Having experienced many benefits by doing nearly daily planks, in this post Sabrina shares a few core workout ideas to challenge yourself!

In this video interview, Rich Ahlers SBN of the USA Moo Duk Kwan shares how he adopts a holistic approach to martial arts training.

In this interview Denise Mullin SBN, a 7th Dan Instructor of the USA Moo Duk Kwan, shares how she tailors martial arts for special needs students, and offers valuable advice for others interested in exploring this area.

Steven Lemner SBN with KJN H.C. Hwang of the Moo Duk Kwan

Moo Do Jaseh (or Martial Way) underpins the philosophy behind your martial art. For those looking for a deeper meaning to their journey, understanding how you can apply this is important. In this interview, Steven Lemner SBN, a 7th Dan in the USA Moo Duk Kwan explores the concept of Moo Do Jaseh further.

Train with Sabrina at Dojang X

If you’re looking for variety in your fitness journey and are keen to explore the martial arts path that Sabrina took for sustained fitness, come and train with her!