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A journey for better health, fitness, and martial arts

Sabrina Mistry is the content creator at Beyond the Dojang, a blog dedicated to martial arts, health, and fitness.  She adopts a holistic approach to training.  Sabrina shares her journey towards living a healthier and fitter life, and becoming a better martial artist. 

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A variety of content, such as articles, videos, and photos.  I also love it when we get a discussion going!

Thoughts and training as it happens towards a fitter and healthier life.  Much learning happens also in the comments.

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In this article, Sabrina reflects that the further she journeys into martial arts, the more things are unveiled that are unknowns. This in itself leads to a deeper exploration and appreciation of what she could do to learn further to develop as a practitioner.

In this video interview, Rich Ahlers SBN of the USA Moo Duk Kwan shares how he adopts a holistic approach to martial arts training.

Sometimes in the search for answers in our training and life journey, we should consider trying something different. It all starts with having curiosity. In this article, Sabrina shares her new-found interest of social media character filters, and how she considers this as a useful way to experiment and develop her creativity and achieve a better understanding of herself as a martial artist and person on life's journey.

Home training has its challenges as we adjust to life during isolation. This post shares a simple karate cardio drill to work up a sweat!