Are you training within your comfort zone?

Inspired by the film King Fu Panda 3, this article explains how someone who consistently trains may still actually be training within their comfort zone. The article offers some suggestions about how to surpass your comfort zone more often, to excel at your abilities as a martial artist.


How I went from unfit to become a black belt

I had always been overweight and unfit as a child and young person. A few factors during my school days escalated this issue. At the age of 18 I had a defining moment to make a change and turn my life around. This article shares with you where my journey towards health and fitness all began, and how I went from unfit to becoming a black belt. I share this in the hope it would inspire you to continue your journey when you experience dips. If I can make it, you can too.


Why I keep training after black belt

For many who start their martial arts journey, they are led by a material goal: to obtain a black belt. I was no different. Now, as a black belt who continues to train, I've frequently been asked 'why?'. In this article, I share with you my main reasons. These point to more deeper reasons that merge with one's journey in life.

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