What’s the significance behind your martial arts belt?

Bring a deeper meaning to your martial arts journey by thinking about the people who have helped support you to get to where you are today. Whilst it's common to think about the martial arts family, we tend to take for granted the significance of those non-martial artists who support us too. This vlog is a nod towards their efforts that have been influential on our journey.


Martial arts training: Two dimensions of time

Inspired by the Ancient Greeks two dimensions of time, this article shares how I have explored these concepts to my martial arts training to obtain a deeper meaning to my journey - especially now as a black belt. If you are looking to find a deeper meaning to your training journey, I encourage you to reflect on these concepts too.


How I made my martial arts instructing unique

Instructing martial arts can be a rewarding opportunity for both the teacher and those taught. The ability to communicate who you are through your teaching gives additional value and enjoyment. It also makes your efforts memorable. This article explores how I've made my martial arts instructing unique, so that you have a better idea to use this process when reflecting on how you teach, for self-development.


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