Beyond the Dojang is a body conditioning educational platform and fitness provider. We fuse health and fitness with martial arts to improve our body and get more out of our training.

Launched in 2018, Beyond the Dojang first existed as a personal blog. The purpose was to document the martial arts and fitness journey of Sabrina Mistry – a curious practitioner who fuses fitness disciplines to enhance her martial arts performance and applies martial arts principles to enhance the fitness journey.

Since then, the blog has attracted a small but growing community of martial artists and general fitness enthusiasts. We all share the passion for improving our long-term health. We also desire to challenge and strengthen our body. This can be for life generally or martial arts training in particular.

Now a qualified Personal Trainer and 2nd Dan martial artist, Sabrina shares her fitness learning and experiences first-hand. So: there’s nothing shared that she hasn’t done herself!

The community at Beyond the Dojang also like to get involved. Together, we design and contribute to fitness challenges and write articles.

Whether you’re a beginner or regular in martial arts and/or fitness, we hope there’s something to support you on your journey.

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