Sabrina is a certified L3 Personal Trainer and 2nd Dan martial artist in Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan.  She heavily invests in personal development and has additional fitness qualifications that she combines with martial arts training to deliver an effective holistic fitness experience.  Whilst she enjoys many aspects of fitness, she is particularly fond of core strengthening, body conditioning and sports performance.

This is her story…

Sabrina started her fitness journey in 2007.

This was a time where she was young but very unfit and overweight having not really exercised before.  In fact, she had always struggled with her weight and had never found exercise enjoyable at school.  In truth, it felt like a chore and she would love it any time an appointment conveniently coincided with sports class.  

However, one day at the age of 18 when finding her jeans tight, Sabrina realised that she needed to really take this seriously in order to reduce the risk of future long term health issues.  She also didn’t want the embarrassment of increasing her dress size again.

And so, Sabrina joined a gym.

It was very hard for her at first – mentally and physically.  Feeling like the biggest in the room made her very self conscious along with already struggling to do the exercises.  However, she was very grateful to meet a friendly gym instructor, Pete, who gave her gentle encouragement. 

In the following few years, Sabrina started to find some routine for working out where she’d mix gym sessions with fitness classes, but she still had very limited understanding about optimising her workouts and struggled increasingly with plateaus as a result.  

During 2012, Sabrina was beginning to get bored of the gym routine.  She wanted more variety to fitness and more depth to her journey.  And so knowing that consistency was the key to becoming a fitter and healthier person, she began to look for ways to sustain her motivation so that she could achieve her fitness goals.

And that’s when she discovered the traditional Korean martial art: Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan.

Very quickly, Sabrina realised that martial arts training could be used to see fitness progress in a more exciting way than increasing reps, sets and duration at the gym.  The progression with the belt system also gave structure for advancement.

Another benefit with martial arts training was the mindset development.  The soft skills of focus, discipline and perseverance were enhanced, together with developing a new form of confidence in herself.

It was with this confidence and increased curiosity that she began to fuse both in different ways to improve her martial arts performance and improve her fitness holistically.  The result was that her fitness levels began to accelerate.  

Feeling more confident, Sabrina began to make a conscious effort to get to know others at the gym.  These instructors and members were very supportive and encouraging which helped her work even harder.  This made Sabrina realise the importance of having support and a community in one’s journey.

And so, Sabrina not only achieved her 4st weight loss transformation, but also obtained her black belt.  She later trained and became a certified Personal Trainer in 2021 to help others on their fitness journey, having a good first-hand understanding of the many challenges that we can face along the way and how we can overcome these.

Sabrina has previously been a fitness instructor at The Gym Group.  She now continues to offer her services as a fitness coach/personal trainer online and outdoors.  Sabrina also leads Dojang X, a martial arts club in Abingdon, UK, is often invited as a guest instructor to teach fitness for martial artists in the UK, and attends seminars to learn from others and explore different cultures and experiences related to fitness and martial arts to merge in her own practice.


Gym Instructor (Level 2)

Personal Trainer (Level 3)

Exercise Referral (Level 3)

2nd Dan in Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan

Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (MSc) – Alliance Manchester Business School, UK

Business and Management (PhD) – King’s College London, UK

Continuing Professional Development (CPDs)

AFAA Practical Pilates

AFAA Practical Yoga

Hydration and Exercise

Self Myofascial Release


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