Sabrina out in the park.

Sabrina Mistry is a qualified Personal Trainer, 2nd Dan martial artist in the traditional Korean martial art Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan and founder of Beyond the Dojang.

She started her fitness journey in 2007. Back then, she was very overweight and unfit having never really exercised before. 

In Sabrina’s experience, exercise was very tough, she wasn’t good at any sport, and it definitely wasn’t enjoyable.  She’ll admit to you here that she even used to dread physical education (P.E.) class at school and would try to find ways to avoid it…and could probably write an excellent ‘how to’ book to achieve just that.

A defining moment happened at the age of 17. This was when Sabrina needed new clothes and discovered she had to increase her dress size to a UK 20 from size 18. At this moment, she realised that if she didn’t do anything about her weight, she’d be more likely to have many future health problems…and more increasing dress sizes. She knew deep inside that fitness would help change things.

And so, Sabrina joined the gym to transform her life for the better.

The journey was one of the toughest she’s ever faced.  There were many dips and plateaus – and the mental challenge to stay determined.

She bounced back from dips, overcame (eventually) plateaus, and developed incredible focus to see things through.  The more experienced she became with fitness, the quicker she was able to overcome obstacles.  During this journey, Sabrina also started martial arts as a way to see a physical output to her fitness development. 

Very quickly, she took a strong interest into exploring how fitness and martial arts principles could complement one another to condition the body for overall health. Also she began to explore the benefits of this overlap for martial artists – how to increase one’s own performance. 

Everything that Sabrina shares on Beyond the Dojang she’s had first-hand experience doing.

Now over a decade later, Sabrina has turned her life around and is her best self ever.

She sees fitness as a lifestyle to unlock one’s mind and body potential – and to promote long-term health.  It’s no longer a chore…but something that’s fun and exciting.

In 2021, Sabrina Mistry qualified as a Personal Trainer as the next natural step to support others on their fitness and martial arts journey.  She also remains active in the study and training of martial arts and delivers guest instructor classes. 


Gym Instructor (Level 2)

Personal Trainer (Level 3)

Exercise Referral (Level 3)

2nd Dan in Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan

Business and Management (PhD) – King’s College London, UK

Continuing Professional Development (CPDs)

AFAA Practical Pilates

Hydration and Exercise

Self Myofascial Release


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