It's Sabrina here - welcome to Beyond the Dojang!

This space is dedicated to improving fitness for martial arts performance and to learn more about the philosophy of being a traditional martial artist.  

I’m a 2nd Dan in Soo Bahk Do (a traditional Korean martial art similar to Karate). I’m also a certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach.

Through Beyond the Dojang I share first-hand experience, together with thoughts and reflections to support us all towards the goal of improving ourselves as martial arts practitioners.

Here's a little about me...

When I first started my martial arts journey in Soo Bahk Do, I was early in a body transformation journey at the gym to lose weight and to become a fitter version of myself. 

Turning up at the gym was my first serious commitment for a better future.  The next one was martial arts.

My main goal from the start was a personal experiment: to see how my fitness efforts in the gym translated to the dojang (Korean for training space).  As a Dragonball Z fan, this idea got me energised!

Over time through trial and error, I began to learn how exercises at the gym and fitness classes could be applied to support the body’s improvements for better martial arts techniques.  Along the way, I also learnt how to navigate recovering from injury and understanding how daily life influences the body.  I found this really fascinating and it helped me create a lifestyle where fitness was no longer on my to-do list, but became a part of who I was.

Speaking of identity, as the years passed, my association as a martial artist became increasingly important in my life.  In fact, I started to look at the techniques and movements and began to decode the exercises that would support it outside of class.  A defining moment came when other practitioners started to take notice, asking me questions and inviting me to hold classes at their dojangs.  I loved being in a position to support them in their martial arts journey.

And so, Beyond the Dojang was created as a space for continuing research and sharing as I learn more and apply ideas in practice.

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