Martial arts and the fight within

In this guest post, Simon Hall, Instructor at Essex Soo Bahk Do, shares his recent experience of facing and rising from a serious heart condition. He shares how he's used his martial arts training during this worrying time, and also reflects deeper into a more rounded approach of health and fitness for life.


Martial arts in Tekken: Hwoarang

This instalment is the first in a series that looks at how martial arts is used in video games! It may give us some added benefit for our own sparring combinations on the mat, and/or help us to think how we can apply what we know in practice when playing martial arts video games.


3 Ways to fuse martial arts training into your daily life

This past week marks three years since my black belt test. I've often reflected about how my approach to training has changed from something that I would only do at the dojang, to something I now think about and apply constantly. When I train, I look at all three dimensions of martial arts (physical, mental, and spiritual). Since I started this, my abilities and outlook on life has changed for the better in many ways. It all started by thinking how to incorporate martial arts training to my daily life. This article explores three ways how I do it, to show how you can too.

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Sabrina receiving her 1st Dan certificate by her instructor, Master Hedges SBN

Developing gratitude through martial arts

There can be more to martial arts than just the development of physical skill. Character-building is a frequently cited value that can be brought to a practitioner's life. This article explores how the build up to my black belt test marked a defining moment where I experienced gratitude at a deeper level than before. The experience has fundamentally changed my outlook and actions, and can also be helpful to inspire you to reflect on your journey and the value martial arts has brought to you.