Exploring Moo Do Jaseh (Martial Way): Steven Lemner SBN

Moo Do Jaseh (or Martial Way) underpins the philosophy behind your martial art. For those looking for a deeper meaning to their journey, understanding how you can apply this is important. In this interview, Steven Lemner SBN, a 7th Dan in the USA Moo Duk Kwan explores the concept of Moo Do Jaseh further.


An environmental view of martial arts training: Élodie Mollet SBN

An environmental view to training captures several dimensions where the practitioner influences (and is also influenced by) his or her surroundings. Thinking about this provides martial artists a deeper understanding of their journey so far, and also offers opportunities to develop the mindset and spiritual aspects of training further. In this interview, Elodie Mollet SBN of France Moo Duk Kwan shares how different environmental dimensions have shaped her martial arts journey so far.


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