Last updated: 04.06.20

Sabrina Mistry (the “Owner”) of Beyond the Dojang (www.beyondthedojang.com) (“the Website”), supports the development of others to reach their full potential in health, fitness, and martial arts by sharing her personal training journey, thoughts, and insights from others. This is to encourage more physical activity, mindset development, and provide a platform for thought-provoking discussions.

All content within this Website belongs to the Owner, and has been generated from an amalgamation of own experiences, knowledge of martial arts, and wider readings from other disciplines. It therefore only represents the ideas of the Owner and does not reflect the wider opinions or beliefs held by the Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan martial art. The Owner just happens to be a practitioner of this martial art. Where others have sufficiently contributed towards content, they will be recognised and credited.

The Owner or any mutually agreed contributor will not take any responsibility for any loss, damage, or unmet expectations you may incur as a result of acting on any of the ideas presented in the content. It is your full responsibility to assess your own situation and critically consider the content before deciding how you will progress. Martial arts, by nature, comes with inherent risks. It is therefore very important to reflect upon the potential opportunities you may have for further advancement taking all things considered. The same applies to other activities or goals you may have.

The content is intended to encourage the development a holistic lifestyle of health and fitness, primarily through martial arts training. Everyone is different in terms of how they can interpret this for themselves.