Rich Ahlers SBN, #45476, Sa Dan
USA Moo Duk Kwan

In this first ever video interview at Beyond the Dojang, Rich Ahlers SBN of the USA Moo Duk Kwan shares how he adopts a holistic approach to martial arts training. He offers great insights into training, complementary exercises, mindset, meditation, and diet.

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Sabrina Mistry

Sabrina Mistry is a certified Personal Trainer, a 2nd Dan martial artist, and a huge animation fan. She started her fitness journey back in 2007 where she was very unfit and overweight. Since then, she's lost 4st in weight by improving her fitness knowledge, trying out all sorts of exercises, and having tons of discipline. Having transformed her life, Sabrina launched Beyond the Dojang to educate and support fitness beginners, enthusiasts and martial artists so that they can optimise their body and get the most out of their training. Get connected on Instagram and Facebook: @beyondthedojang

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