Beyond the Dojang

Launched in 2018, Beyond the Dojang is a lifestyle blog with a specific focus on martial arts, health, and fitness.

We believe that the path of a martial artist should also be one where we’re constantly curious about developing our general health, fitness, wellbeing, and mind set – and apply these to both our training and life.  

Beyond the Dojang takes this journey to adopt a holistic approach to training. 

Join us on the journey!

Sabrina Mistry

Sabrina is a 2nd Dan Soo Bahk Do practitioner in the UK & Ireland Moo Duk Kwan. 

In 2007, Sabrina started her fitness journey as someone who was very overweight and unfit to transform her life for the better.  She realised that she had the power to take charge of her health and fitness in order to reduce the health issues and ailments that she risked if she kept going down this path.  So, Sabrina became a regular gym goer and martial artist.  Never did she once think back at the start of her journey that she’d be where she is today.  What underpins her journey is a holistic approach to health and fitness: to learn and work on different areas that serve to improve the whole.

It has become a lifestyle for her.

Beyond the Dojang is a product from Sabrina’s personal journey for a healthier and fitter life – both for the present and future.  She believes that by taking a holistic approach, we can strive further to advance our quality of life. 

Sabrina shares her journey and discoveries at Beyond the Dojang, and encourages like- minded martial artists to join the journey and use this as a space to learn and to grow together.

She also uses this space as a medium to explore her creativity, through communicating some content through her love of art and animation. It’s all light-hearted to bring a smile on your face whilst enabling Sabrina to merge her other interests.

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