Beyond the Dojang

Sabrina Mistry is the author of Beyond the Dojang, a space dedicated to evolve into a martial arts hub full of content that is inspirational, motivational, and entertaining to serve you on your journey. It’s essentially for the practitioners who can’t get enough of martial arts when away from the mat!

As a martial arts practitioner herself – a 2nd Dan in the UK & Ireland Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan – Sabrina has always been curious about the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ ever since she first started training under her instructor, Robert Hedges SBN.  Initially, this was related to the techniques taught, but has moved to encompass the mindset and spiritual elements of being a martial artist too.  

Whilst on the journey to learn more about these areas and to take her martial arts experience to a deeper level, Sabrina felt that she probably wasn’t the only one on this search. Therefore, she started to muse with the idea of creating something that could be shared with like-minded practitioners. From this, Beyond the Dojang was created.

Whilst the site essentially captures insights tailored to Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, most of the content could offer some value to any practitioner of any martial art. Sabrina’s vision is to create a digital hub where we can all get together regardless of our training background in order to immerse ourselves into our shared passion that is martial arts.

Sabrina Mistry

Sabrina is a self-proclaimed deep thinker and avid reader on a wide range of subjects.  She is currently working towards a PhD in Business and Management at King’s College London, UK.

In her spare time, Sabrina enjoys reading a good book.  Admittedly, she has a tendency to keep buying more books before she finishes the ones she currently has on the table!  Her goal is to build a personal library.  Apart from Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, her interests include animation, video games, health and fitness, self-development, business innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

Animation, in particular, remains a close passion since childhood.  Since a young age, Sabrina has been creating characters and storylines, which she continues to develop even to this present day.  Her early work (i.e. her live paper puppet show) took place daily at break times at her primary school for other children to watch, and also at home under the dinning room table as a special preview for her younger brother.  In 2016, Sabrina debuted her stop motion character Duck, who went on a few adventures and quickly gained more fans than she had Facebook friends.  That was a proud moment. 

A screenshot from Sabrina’s Ninja Duck animated clip, 2016

Since then, although animation has taken a back seat, Sabrina is very keen to restart this hobby and someday have her animations publicly available for anyone to watch.  The purpose of her content is to entertain and inspire. This will start small and begin first by a blog that includes her analysing animations and the animation business.  If you are interested to subscribe to this future blog, please use the contact form to let Sabrina know.

Above all, Sabrina follows the mantra of:

Do what you love.