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Core strengthening

The core is more than just your abs muscles. It includes the back, spine and hip flexors.

Working on the core is important for posture, balance and improved movement. By working on an exercise programme that is designed to effectively target the core, you’ll see improvement to your overall posture, workouts, sport and general activities.

To learn different core-based exercises, Sabrina consistently attended core classes twice a week for four years to learn from talented fitness instructors. Since then, she’s taught ‘Abs Blast’ (that should be read as ‘Core Blast’) and incorporated core work in all fitness classes during her time at The Gym Group.

Sabrina is proud of her mentees’ (aka clients) considerable plank hold improvements in the space of one month after working with her. It’s her passion to make everyone love core workouts and experience great results that apply to their daily life and activities.

Experience these core influences in your workout design:

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Traditional martial arts

Body conditioning

If you’re looking for full body fitness, welcome to body conditioning!

This includes:

  • Weight loss (read as ‘fat loss’) and toning
  • Lean muscle gain
  • Improved cardiovascular health (think ‘heart and lung health’)
  • Core strengthening
  • Flexibility and mobility work
  • Mindset development and breath work

The aim is to consider health and fitness holistically to achieve improved wellness.

Over the years training since 2007, Sabrina has adopted a holistic approach to her own fitness journey applying first-hand all of the above. She understands well the challenges we face at different times in this process and brings a wealth of experience and fitness education to guide you to achieve your goals.

Sports performance

It’s fun to sustain our fitness through a sport. Whether you train as a hobbyist or amateur in your activity, you may be curious to discover workouts that align closer in helping you to improve your performance.

Sabrina has experience working with martial artists and those wanting to run their first 5k, marathon and ultramarathon runners. Whatever your sport, we can certainly discuss how we can potentially work together!

For sports performance, your programme is likely to incorporate:

  • A holistic analysis
  • Fitness programme/ home workouts
  • Periodisation plan where relevant
  • Tailored exercises to address the areas to improve
  • Core strengthening
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Mindset focus and breath work

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