Sabrina out in the park.

Our Philosophy

Dojang is the Korean equivalent of Dojo – a place where people train for martial arts. Beyond the Dojang therefore captures the philosophy that training (whether it’s for martial arts or fitness) can and should happen anywhere to promote a healthier life.

We combine fitness education with martial arts philosophy to create content so that you can exercise to optimise your body and be supported in your training.

The foundations

Back in 2007, Sabrina Mistry entered a gym for the first time. Having never really exercised until that point, she was very unfit and overweight. However, she was determined to change her life for the better.

There were many peaks and dips along the journey. There were many times where Sabrina felt she was doing all she could but the weight was not dropping. There were other times where she made her own personal fitness breakthrough. No matter how small it was, it was something to be really proud about.

Over time, she started martial arts as an outlet to evidence her physical improvements to herself. As the years went by, this developed into something more deeply meaningful in many ways.

In 2018, Sabrina launched Beyond the Dojang.

She did this as a personal blog to record her martial arts and fitness journey. Ultimately, she wanted to see what she was truly capable of doing.

By 2020 during the lockdown, Sabrina had lost four stone in weight, built muscle mass, increased her flexibility, improved her nutrition, and was a 2nd Dan.

Before (L) and After (R)

She came to realise that although she had initially looked for physical change, her mindset had also developed. Health and fitness had merged with martial arts to become a lifestyle.

It was a lifestyle that gave Sabrina more discipline and focus on a variety of things from nutrition to achieving work goals. More importantly, it was a lifestyle that led her to embrace more of a ‘what if’ mentality. This enabled her to do and experience so much more than ever before – such as rowing a boat for the first time despite not being able to swim!

Sabrina in the moment of boat rowing. It’s not at all like the rowing machine at the gym! Taken in July 2020.

With her decade-long fitness experience and weight loss achievement, Sabrina decided in 2021 that it was time to support others on their fitness journey. So, she studied and became internationally certified as a Personal Trainer. This professional knowledge, together with her continued interest to explore fitness workouts, are shared at Beyond the Dojang to help optimise your body and support you on your journey.

We hope that you’ll find the content here valuable.

To the journey!


Gym Instructor (Level 2)

Personal Trainer (Level 3)

2nd Dan in Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan

Business and Management (PhD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPDs)

Hydration and Exercise CPD

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