Inspirational content designed to help boost your performance as a martial arts practitioner.

Are you training within your comfort zone?

Inspired by the film King Fu Panda 3, this article explains how someone who consistently trains may still actually be training within their comfort zone. The article offers some suggestions about how to surpass your comfort zone more often, to excel at your abilities as a martial artist.


Power of the two minds for training: Part One

This article shares an exercise witnessed by the author about the power of the two minds, as demonstrated by author and coach Olivia Stefanino. The two minds: conscious and subconscious, are vital towards enhancing your performance as a martial arts practitioner. Reflection is then given about how the author used this learning point towards furthering her martial arts journey, and how you can apply this too.


Control the Excuse Artist within

Want to improve your martial arts performance? It starts with a focused mindset...which means you must fight your excuses when they arise. This article explores three main excuse 'types' I've seen over the years, with some suggestions how to overcome these. Become the martial artist you have the potential to be, and don't become an excuse artist!