Terms of Use

Last updated: 04.06.20


Welcome to the website Beyond the Dojang (www.beyondthedojang.com), herein referred to as the “Website”. The website is owned and operated by Sabrina Mistry (the “Owner”).

Please read the terms below carefully before using this website. By using the Website, you give your consent to the terms of use outlined. If you do not agree with the terms of use, please do not use this website. If you are a parent or a guardian, by allowing a minor to use this Website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions herein in respect of their use of the Website. The Terms of Use is applicable regardless of any device used to access and use the Website.

Please contact the Owner if you require further clarification or permissions.

Using the website and contents

You have permission to share the Website and its contents for personal non-commercial use. If you are a martial arts club owner/ instructor and wish to share links to the Website and contents on your own website, social media pages or groups, you also have permission to do so. You must seek permission from the Owner if you wish to interact with the content from the Website to create your own content elsewhere.

For these permissions granted to you, you agree to only exercise the right to share links to the Website and its contents in good faith and understand the implications of not adhering to this criteria. You also agree to share the content in its original form, with the link evident to trace back to the original content URL on this website.

In no circumstances may you copy and paste or download content (e.g. articles, images, and video content) contained within this Website. This will be construed as plagiarism and action will be taken for you to remove this content, and will be determined as acting in ill faith. The Owner has worked hard to generate content to support others, and it is not acceptable to re-appropriate content as your own (or belonging to a third party).

Distribution of contents

To correctly share contents from the Website in accordance to the Terms of Use, include the URL to the original content and mention the Website (Beyond the Dojang) to give credit.

Right to withdraw

The Owner reserves the right to withdraw your permission of sharing and use at any time, in which instance you will be required to cease from sharing content on your platforms and also remove content already shared if the Owner believes this has been done in ill faith.


“Submissions” refers to sending ideas and images to the Owner for use on the Website.

Unsolicited submissions of images and video content will not be accepted for use on the Website. Ideas and suggestions for future content that is provided on a voluntary basis will be considered, although content will not be guaranteed. For the suggestion of ideas for content, you cease any right of ownership claim for any content that is generated within the timeframe or in the future, acknowledging that this was provided on a voluntary basis and that the Owner is creating the content based on a theme.

Where there is mutual agreement between the Owner and yourself that you would generate content or provide an image for an article to be potentially published on the Website, you agree that this is done on a voluntary basis and will be subject to review and editing by the Owner. For content or images that are mutually agreed you will deliver in this capacity, or contribute knowledge beyond the general theme, the Owner will provide credit to you in the form of a mention and link to your site on that specific content. This will be determined and agreed for each case.

By contributing any content or images to the Website, you declare that you hold the legal right to do so.

Rules of Conduct

The following Rules of Conduct apply to the Website. By using the Website, you agree to:

  • Use the Website and its content in the way intended: i.e. to learn, inspire, and/or provide thought-provoking discussions;
  • Avoid the use of sexually explicit, defamatory, racist, abusive, harassing, threatening, inappropriate, unlicensed copyright material, or bullying communication and behaviours;
  • Be supportive and thoughtful in your comments and feedback to help others grow and reach their potential;
  • Not engage in any self-promotion or third party promotion activities in any way;
  • Be mindful to avoid mis-appropriating the contents of the Website as your own (or for another);
  • Avoid sending submissions or links that contains a virus or other harmful components that would impact the Website and/or a device used to access the Website; or
  • Provide contributions which are relevant to the content it is made to.

It cannot be guaranteed that other users will fully comply to the Rules of Conduct. Every effort will be made to take action against those who break these Rules. These include removal of the content that they post in breach of the Rules and potentially being banned from future participation. However, there may be a time delay between the Owner identifying and remedying a breach and when you may view the content by a user that has caused a breach. The Owner cannot therefore take responsibility for any injury or harm that this may cause, and you therefore assume acceptance of these risks due to lack of compliance by another.